In the heart of Cookeville, TN, I am a self-taught artist whose work is a vibrant celebration of color, light, and escapism.  Utilizing acrylics, oils, and various mixed media, I enjoy creating scenes that invite viewers into a world of imagination and tranquility.  

I have been in love with art since childhood when i spent most of my days finding solace and expression in drawing with pencil and crayon which eventually turned into painting and sculpture. This journey of self-discovery and mastery over various mediums has culminated in a unique artistic voice that resonates with the creator and the beholder.

The essence of my work is to create a place to escape- a sanctuary on canvas where viewers can momentarily detach from the chaos of the everyday and find a place of peace, hope, or simply a moment of beauty.  As an artist, I remain dedicated to growth, discovery, and the power of creativity to transcend 

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